Bigs Bedrooms - Owner info

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Who wants owners cell number?

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Bigs Bedrooms - Delivered Damaged And wont make good

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Sales Manager Eli is a Rude and blames customers for his employees poor work and lack of care when delivering items. Will not stand behind product worst furniture purchase ever had.

Tell all stay far away. Don't be fooled by friendly sales girls management sucks.

Contacted finance company as well received call back from Eli he said would make right been 6 months still not now says cant get same pieces can't do anything with this set but is willing to sell me more items but not stuck with these. what a dumb *** would never be back to shop here.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

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Bigs Bedrooms - Bigs furniture and ron cooper deserves to be incarcerated.


My husband was transferred to the NJ area and we moved to our new home knowing we would purchase 2 bedroom sets. We happened to walk into big's bedroom when i believe the owner was there Ron cooper.

After looking around we saw a few sets we liked and requested to talk to the owner: My husband is a negotiator and made a deal with who thought was a very pleasant man.The owner offered us a considerable discount if we paid cash up front.He told us to pay in full and our 2 new bedroom sets would be delivered in 7-10 days. We came back the next day after going to the bank and withdrawing $5300.00.We felt nervous but this soft spoken man got us good when 3 days after we prepaid for our order noticed the store was closed and nobody answered the phones.Unfortunately we had NO RECOURSE OTHER THAN CONTACTING ATTY GENERAL OFFICE Needless to say 2 weeks later the store opened under bankruptcy court and we never received our $ back. Is it too late to get a class action suit started with many other sucker customers like us??.

I realize it`s been 3 years but I called Profit Management Promotion in Pennsylvania and discovered he is a part owner .With all that I read and saw on TV I know many customers in the same boat as my family. Is it too late to go after this crook Ron cooper who has now been located?

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First of all, you are from Boston, not finest any of the stores. and don't no ANY of the true facts.

Here are the facts:

After trying to work out an arrangement with the bank, a week later the bank SHUT Bigs down, not the owner. It was the owners intention to honor all orders as he had been doing since starting the business in 1996. The bank forced him to file for bankruptcy 2 months later and the liquidation process began on February 8, 2008, NOT 2 weeks later as you claimed.

So get your facts right before posting BS and lies to the public. I doubt very much that you were even a customer of Big's since your claims are so far fetched.


Concerning your 4/22 post - let me clarify the facts since I was an employee there until the bank closed bigs down as the owner was trying to save his business and the jobs for his employees at the beginning of the recession in 2007. 1.

As the bookkeeper, nobody paid cash the last week in business, 12/5-12/12/07(last day) 2. once the bank took over, the courts then appointed a trustee to handle the liquidation, ron cooper, to raise as much money to satisfy all debts. The store re-opened under court supervision 3 months later, no 2 weeks later as your complaint states. 4.

if you did call profit mgmt, you would not have been told he is part owner because he has not ownership and is working as an independent contractor working with many stores all over the country. Lastly, if you had the facts why not tell the truth or is there very little truth to your made up story?



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Bigs Bedrooms - Bigs is selling my furniture!!!

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I will be at the Bigs store tomorrow early. The doors open at 10:00am.

I paid 900.00 deposit for my sons furniture in october and was told 6-8 weeks. I was moving so the timing of the furniture arrival would have been right when we would be moving in. I did not hear from them by December, so I decided to call. That was when their voice message box was filled.

Then I got worried. We went to the store the next day and they were closed. I found out from the store next door that they had just closed. It was not for another 2-3 weeks that they put a sign on their door that they were closed for inventory.

Then in January we get a letter that they are filing bankrupcy! Each time I drive by their store my blood boils. Guess what , no furniture. They knew that they were having finacial problems, yet they still took my money.

That is fraud.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I'm in the same mess w/ Big's Bedrooms. The furniture I ordered totaled around 5,300.00 on 12/8/07 for delivery on 12/21/07.

The salesman "Josh" even made the effort to check that they would not be doing inventory & they could deliver on that date! The store/"Josh" new what was happening, he absolutely lied to me. It's not a coincidence he called it inventory & the outgoing message said closed for inventory when in fact they were filing for bankruptcy. What retail store does inventory during the biggest shopping season of the year!!!

When I moved I didn't bring my old furniture because I was expecting the new furniture to be delivered. So now I have no old furniture, no new furniture, & Big's has my money!!

I have a mattress on the floor & stuck that way for a while. I don't understand how they can get away with doing this ??

Erving, Massachusetts, United States #3063

Having worked for a company that filed bankruptcy it's possible the store had no idea what was happening. We were shafted by Klaussner (the manufacturer) who would not ship our customer's orders.

My suggestion is to file a dispute with your credit card company, if you paid with a credit card. If not, then good luck filing a claim with the bankruptcy court

Bigs Bedrooms - Wanted to tell Bigs customers that they are opening for a sale

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Since Bigs wasn't BIG enough to be honest with their customers. They now sent out a mailing that they are opening their doors to have a "Going out of business sale" Maybe if enough of you get together and go, you can find your belongings or the owner Ronald Cooper.

I don't remember the exact date, but I believe that it is very soon. Call the store now. I'll bet they answer their phone.

Can you imagine the uproar that it would cause if all of you would join forces together and let the customers walking in what Bigs did to you.

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Morrisdale, Pennsylvania, United States #8232

The truth of what happened is that I tried to hire a promotional company to help raise funds and sell obsolete inventory back in December of '07 but when I informed my bank of my plans, the next day(12/12) they froze my assetts & basically shut me down.

2 weeks later they forced me to file for bankruptcy in order to keep the 2 locations for liquidation purposes. Never in my 22 years of retail did I ever experience such a downturn in business that resulted in my bank shutting the doors on me & I was never late on any of my loan payments! I feel terrible for any consumer who got caught up in this mess & please believe that NONE of my employees knew of this as I never expected any of this to happen.

Bigs Bedrooms - Contact me so we can start a class action suit

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I paid six hundred dollars cash for a bedroom set for my son in June of 07. I was told it would take a while to recieve because production lines were shut down during the summer.

By Oct I relized that it was way beyond the time expected. I spoke with the owner and he assured me that my money would be sent ASAP/ I contacted seven on your side ABC news. Please lets not let this company get away with our money.

I really do not know how they can sleep at night! Hope to hear from someone soon

Monetary Loss: $600.

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North Troy, Vermont, United States #21144

i also try to buy some stuff at a big blowout sale. Bunk bed for my sons, for our new aptment but we didnt get the place so i had to cancel the order but they naver put the money back on my cretid card because it was a finle sale.

andnow im out of 950.00 and i cant get ahold of anyone on the to atlest get bed. i dont know what to do now because i still have to pay the bill on the credit card and have no buks beds.

Milford, Ohio, United States #7144

I've recently got my car painted at maaco jest yesturday. they didn't do a good paint job on it and i paid $300

for it and the also stoled some of my stuff thats crazy i called and was told that they where not liable for wat ever had happen to my belongins there for i would like to start a class act and get wats rite for us the consumer's we pay for wat we want?

Bigs Bedrooms - Bigs furniture

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this was the worst experience of my life. $4k of kids furniture and the damaged items, including a slashed mattress, were to be replaced over the last 6 months and never were.

i got the run around every time i called or went in re the status. Now, they have locked the doors since December and i just learned that they have filed for bankruptcy.

my co-worker also is out $700 in cash for a crib they ever received before the store closed.i actually asked the sales rep in December if they were going under and that's why, but of course he denied it.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Helendale, California, United States #2592

Now this bankruptcy now what do we do? Class action suit please contact me I want my money back.

Bigs Bedrooms


What a rip off! they took my $3,000 cashed the check the next day then shut the doors! what is going on? full voice mails no response to email or snail mail.

the sign on the door says closed for inventory and no calls will be accepted. this means they are closed for good>? what is our recourse when there is no information on the web, phone or in person business?

called the better business bureau and filed a complaint. if you are in the same boat file a complaint and lets see if we can get results.

who else was ripped off????

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Erving, Massachusetts, United States #3066

I worked for a furniture company that filed BK. Here's a few tips to help you folks out.

I have to say, when my company filed, they didn't tell the employees until the day they filed. It's possible the store did not know it was happening, so please, give them a break! I've been in their shoes...and it's not their fault. Another thing, the BBB won't do ***!

The company is going under, so why waste your time filing a complaint about a company that won't even exist in 6 months. As far as refunds if you didn't receive your order and you paid with a credit card, file a dispute with your credit card company. The credit card company will not make you pay for something you don't have. If you paid cash hopefully the company will do the right thing and process refunds.

(my company refunded every customer that we could find who was not getting their order). If they aren't going to do that, then you will have to file a claim with the BK court and it's more possible than not that you will not see a dime.

You will be listed as a creditor, along with every other joe schmoe that is owed money. Good luck!

Helendale, California, United States #2591

lets go class action suit they ripped me off too.. Paramus store I called channel 7 news

Helendale, California, United States #2589

Bigs Bedrooms rippe dme off too.. LEt get together and start a class action suit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigs Bedrooms - Worst customer experience ever.

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I purchased bedroom furniture from Bigs Bedrooms, Paramus, NJ in July, 07. Was informed to allow 12 weeks for delivery. I was informed that delivery time was normal because the craftsmen in North Carolina were union employees and could only produce a certain number of units within this time frame.

I returned in December after trying to verify delivery status and had to travel out of state to the store since my phone calls were not being answered. I met my original sales person who informed me that my order had been shipped without the running boards from China and they were awaiting shipment of my running boards. I continued to make payments but at this time got suspicous because of the discrepancy between the initial story that the bed was being manufactured in North Carolina and subsequently being shipped from China.I pointed out the two versions of this story to the sales person who just bumbled on.

Since the last visit to the store all communications with the store simply failed. All phone numbers reroute your calls to full voice mail boxes and I even went on the website and e-mailed the operations manager and no response till date. My wife traveled back out of state to the store and found a sign posted on the door that they were closed for inverntory and would not be checking their voice mails either.

My feeling. This store is on the *** of some very creative customer service strategy that was intended to come as a surprise to all those people whose monies were being collected for products manufactured in North Carolina and shipped via China. I do not need apologies because Bigs Bedrooms is not a respectable business and is yet to be uncovered for what it really is. Worst customer service experience ever.

Monetary Loss: $1069.

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Helendale, California, United States #2590

Same story with me still waiting . Class action suit lets go.

THey are thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same story unbelievable

Bigs Bedrooms - Don't Buy from Big's Bedrooms in Paramus NY

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I purchased a bed from them on January 28th and was told to expect delivery in 8 weeks on March 28th. As of today June 19, I still don't have my furniture.

I have spoken to everyone in that store from the sales floor to customer service. Only Ron the general manager will neither accept my calls nor return them. Af first they said the bed was on its way but had been delayed because they were shipping it from California. Then they said it was on back order, then they said they couldn't reach the manufacturer.

Now they tell me that they just "don't know when the bed will arrive." They have offered to give m my money back, but I have refused because at this point they have had to offer me so many discounts that I am paying half the retail cost. They think that I don't have sense enough to know that they no longer even want to sell me the bed because of the multiple discounts.

I should have known better, because the day I purchased the bed there was a women in the store complaining that she had been waiting more then six month for her furniture. I am pissed, and I want my bed.

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Derby, England, United Kingdom #1303

Ron's the owner not the manager

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